Eating Better. That’s About It.

Here I am, half way through the month and there have been no updates. There also has not been a whole lot of work done on getting me into a better shape, partly because I’m feeling like crap, tweaked a muscle in my back and man does that hurt.

I am eating a bit better, but really that could just be the switch from that Christmas sugar cookie and heavy, fatty foods that we all overindulge in during the festive season.
I’ve got a fridge full of yummy, healthy snack foods to grab because I’ve made them ahead of time, carrot salad and red cabbage salad are my favorites.
Yes, I know carrot salad sounds weird, everyone keeps telling me so, but I don’t care. When I was a kid my aunt made a carrot salad that I loved, it was just basically shredded carrot and creamy Italian dressing. I instead use shredded carrot and healthy Italian vinaigrette.
And red cabbage salad is basically a coleslaw made with red cabbage instead of the traditional, and again a light vinaigrette dressing with lots of vinegar in it. There is green pepper, celery and slices of apples too. Again it may sound weird, but I enjoy it.

So, I’m eating a bit better and once this stupid back muscle stops hurting I’m going to start more than just walking the four dogs a few times a day.

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Another New Year

It’s been about 1 year and 7 months, or more accurately 630 days since I last wrote here.
The reason for this absence has been that I was having some issues health wise. I had kidney stones, lots and lots of kidney stones. Most people that have kidney stones pass them, and it’s painful and others sympathize, but I was not in that boat.
I underwent years of treatments and procedures and still those damn stones were stuck in my kidneys. So I had to go a surgical route, which was not fun. It did lead to the discovery of my high blood pressure and my left bundle branch blockage (in my heart) that I’m assured is doing well and I don’t have a thing to worry about.
Except that I do have a worry, how does my weight affect all of this?

So, that means that the only thing that I can do now I focus as much of my attention that I can towards my eating, controlling my emotional, stress and compulsive eating habits, although I’m not quite sure how to go about that.

What I do know how to do is exercise.  That is actually something that I’ve always enjoyed, although you’d never know it to look at me now. My favorite activity was always getting out and about, walking all over my neighbourhood. I’ve moved now, so I’ve a whole new neighbourhood to explore and get to know.
I also loved going to the gym, although that won’t be happening, just because I can’t fit it into my schedule. This is the point where most trainers or fitness gurus cut in with the whole ‘you have to find the time to fit it in’ which is all fine and dandy to say, but I have my special needs son home with me full time since his graduation from school last June, and no day program available that we can afford, or that fits his needs.
So, when I say I can’t fit it in, I mean that I’m being realistic and know that while I could try and find a moment here and there, the reality is that my time is no longer my own. Plus, I don’t think I have the finances now that the son is home full time.

So, here I am looking at a home program that I can fit in where every I can squeeze it in. Body weight exercises, and walks when I can find the time. It’ll be slow, I’m sure. But slow and steady win the race, and I want this to be something that I can keep doing, something that isn’t a yo-yo diet, a lifestyle change. I’d like to be a lot fitter for my 50th Birthday in 2021. That’s my goal.

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Even More Set Backs

I came here with the intention of posting weekly, and I had the intention of doing better in my attempts to improve my health and well being.

Truth be told, these past weeks those have been the farthest things from my mind. My family situation and circumstances have left me a large mess.

My anxiety, panic attacks and other wonderful mental problems have been released from their cage and I am struggling to keep my mental status in check for my kids, so looking to make improvements in my wellness isn’t even possible right now.

I’m emotional eating, I’m stress eating. Exercise has been missing from my life.

I know that in times of stress and anxiety, exercise can help, and it’s my hope that soon I will get back to it, but right now I’m just holding things together, and that’s all I can do right now.

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Set Backs and Health

It’s been tough for me lately, I am trying to keep up my routine they led me to lose almost 30 pounds, but it’s been rough, and I have added 5 pound back onto my frame.

I was recently diagnosed with hypertension (stage2) and I am on medication to help get it under control. It’s not as simple as popping a pill and voila the blood pressure is fixed. I have to reduce stress, exercise regular and change my diet. All of which I am rely trying to do. Alas, 5 pound jumped back onto my body.

Last week was March Break and my son was home from school, and my husband took the week off as well, so my routine was shot.

Here’s to bring back into the swing of becoming a better version of me.

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Fall Down, but Pick Yourself Back Up Again!

My last post about not really seeing the weight loss, was the beginning of a bad spiral, falling down, back into the snacks and junk food hole of despair.

I feel like I am accomplishing nothing, and therefore my psyche says “What’s the point of denying yourself all this flavour? Why say no to making yourself feel better by eating things full of sugar, that give you that happy feeling? Why work at this, when it doesn’t even look like anything is different?”

I listened to they bitchy little voice. I shouldn’t have, and even as I stuffed yummy cookies into my mouth, and enjoyed foods that I’d said no to for months, I told myself that this was not healthy choices I was making. Didn’t I want to be healthy? Yes I did, but emotions are assholes, and so I ate sugary cookies, calorie rich souffle, and lots of cheese.

It’s a slip, one that will make itself visable next week when I weigh in.

I’m starting an excercise routine, hopefully some of the endorphins will make me happy and combat some of the feelings that are leading me by the nose and helping me to make bad choices. Not to mention I will start to feel better, stronger perhaps. Another step towards being a healthier me, which if what this is all about anyway!

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Thirty Pounds Perception

Thirty pounds looks different depending on what your starting weight was.
If you’re starting weight was 190 folks are going to see that weight loss much better than if you started at 230. I know this because I have just lost 30 pounds, going from around 220 lbs to close to 190 lbs and nobody notices. I don’t notice it, other than when I’m standing on the scale. I look in the mirror for some sign of a change and I don’t see it.
Last night my husband said to me that he can see the weight loss in my face. I think he thinks he sees it and so convinced himself that he could, but the reality of it is that other than my clothes now being very large on me, there isn’t another real change.

Now, I am not being discouraged. I am only stating that as a fact that I have discovered, and I’m sharing it for anyone reading this who has found themselves in the same boat, so that they might know that they are not alone in this strange happening. Take heart and keep moving forward, keep losing weight because one day a corner will be turned and someone will say to you ‘Oh my gosh. You have lost a lot of weight. You look wonderful.” Not that I’m saying that I’m doing this for that reason, or that anyone else should. But when you lose a lot of weight and feel like you’ve accomplished something huge, you think that you should get a few satisfactory ‘well done’ and pats on the backs. That positive feedback helps to keep you motivated and when it doesn’t come it’s hard not to slip into a ‘why am I working so hard at this when there isn’t any noticeable change’. mindset.

Let the scale and your clothes be your feedback. Well done says the scale, you’ve worked hard and I can see the change in numbers when you stand on me. Well done says that pair of jeans that used to be snug but now falls off if you don’t wear a belt. Good work. Keep on going. You are amazing! You look wonderful and in the end you’re going to feel so much better, you’re going to be able to do all the things you couldn’t before and you’ll even look amazing too!

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Question 1. How do you eat 2,000 calories?

The Calculator says that for me to lose the pound that I plan, I should eat between 1,500 and 2,000 calories a day.

The question I have right now is, how do I meet that goal in a healthy way and still manage to feel full?

There are so many diet plans and web sites out there that have information on what foods to eat and hope to prepare them, but they contradict each other and present their info in a confusing way, it’s almost like they don’t want you to succeed at this. But they wouldn’t make sense, since their entire reason to exist of to inform us and help us to become healthier versions of ourselves.

So this week my goal, to figure out what I should eat, what I really shouldn’t and ensure they is healthy and at the end of the meal I feel satisfied so that I’m not craving and yearning for the next food I can consume.

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